Going Green – Is It Really All That Its Cracked Up To Be

solar satteliteDo I Need To Buy A Prius & Install Solar Panels?

Not necessarily but it wouldn’t hurt, they both reduce dependence on non-reusable energy and the green technology like solar power and hybrid vehicles has jumped leaps and bounds from where we were just a decade ago. Would it really kills us to take a closer look at a few options. Ted Lopez from one of the many solar companies in San Diego, CA tells us that the solar technology that we have now days is night and day compared what we had 10 years ago, pun intended.

Solar Technology, The Wave Of The Future

I remember burning leaves and ants with a magnifying glass when I was a kid, my how the years have flown but I still can remember how cool I thought it was to harness the power of the sun and hone it right in to what I was intending on cooking. What a concept taking an unlimited natural resource and harnessing it’s infinite power to evaporate a squiring ant, wow. Now days though I am amazed on how we can harness that same energy and get it into our homes to power just about anything we need. Now the cool factor is definitely way up there as far as solar goes but how can you be sure that you are making a wise investment if you we’re to go solar? If you haven’t checked around yet, these solar energy systems aren’t cheap and it’s a little hard to trust a sales person to give you all the information straight. The best way to go about this type of thing is to do a lot a homework, a lot. Here’s the best way to find a local solar panel company. First find about everything you need to now about solar energy period, take note and organize them in to categories. Next research every single licensed solar power contractor in your area. Do not buy until you have done all this.

Solar energy is awesome, but it can be a very large investment, do you due diligence and stay the course. Visit the government website http://energy.gov/science-innovation/energy-sources/renewable-energy/solar for more info.



Save Lives With CPR Training

CPR Training in Sacramento California – Region 4 Rescue

Region 4 RescueRegion 4 Rescue – CPR Classes in Sacramento, California

Training Offered:

Whether getting certified for your job or getting certified as a caretaker or emergency personnel you need top quality training. Region 4 Rescue of Sacramento offers high quality training to all of Sacramento including the following counties:

  • Sacramento County
  • Nevada County
  • San Joaquin
  • El Dorado
  • Placer
  • Amador
  • Calavera
  • Yolo
  • Alpine
  • Stanislaus
  • Tuolumne

Onsite instructor lead classes are held upon request. Custom corporate classes and training can be arranged upon request.  Standard classes and training are scheduled regularly and can be seen at the class schedule website.

CPR class material and study work can be purchased on the training site on the day off training. Students should wear comfortable clothing because they will be practicing CPR not just learning about it through a book course. Successful completion results in immediate certification and cards will be issued.

First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training is a requirement at many jobs including but not limited to: nurses, law enforcement, healthcare, educators, life guards, emergency 1st responders, caretakers, geriatric, coaches, fitness trainers, and parents of small children. The whole point of first aid training is to prepare on scene personnel to stabilize and treat victims in an emergency situation until EMT or paramedics are able to arrive and take over treatment. Only the most basic skills are required but they can be very effective.

Bleeding, chocking, drowned victims are only some of the situations that student will be able to handle once they complete there training course and receive they’re certification. Heart attack and stroke episodes will be covered as well.